Graduation Requirements

In order for student to graduate from Saint Frances Academy, they must complete the following successfully:

  • 10 page English Research Paper.
  • Community service Hours and 7 page reflection Paper.
  • American Government power point presentation.
  • Science Project

In addition to these requirements, a student cannot have any outstanding bills and must be financially cleared by all departments (Athletics, Bookstore, Community Service, Discipline, Family Partnership Program, Guidance, Tuition) before they are cleared to participate in the graduation ceremony. A senior must also pass all classes including conduct. Seniors who fail courses or fail to meet requirements must make them up in summer school. These students will not be allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony in June, but may receive a diploma privately.

ST. FRANCES ACADEMY requires the following credits and required courses:

English 1English 2 English 3English 4
Foreign Language Reading / ElectiveForeign Language / ElectiveForeign Language / ElectiveForeign Language / Elective
General Math or Algebra 1Algebra 1 or Algebra 2Algebra 2 or GeometryElective / Pre Cal / Calculus / Geometry
MSD / SistersAAH / World History / GeographyUS HistoryAmerican Government
Physical ScienceBiologyChemistry / ForensicsElective / Chemistry / Environmental Sciences / Biotechnology
24 Credits required for graduation24 Credits required for graduation 24 Credits required for graduation